The Fire Emblem Tabletop Fan Project is a community driven Zine project featuring art from 100+ different talented fan artists and 200+ pieces of original character art.

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About Brother Ming Games

The Fire Emblem Board Game Fan Project was started by Brother Ming over 2 years ago. It's first iteration was originally uploaded to reddit October 2017.

There was a ton of positive feedback and support, and after much work, a pre-order was opened for a hand made batch of the game. However, this turned out to be a mistake as 5 months later, a Kotaku article was written featuring the project.

This Kotaku article changed everything, taking the project beyond it's life in the r/fireemblemheroes subreddit and into the fandom at large, bringing tens of thousands of eyes on it.

The pre-order went from 25 copies to 250, and what was originally going to be a hand made small batch project became quickly impossible. Thus, biting the bullet, Brother Ming hastily got the games made at a loss compared to the sale price for hand made copies, and learned many valuable lessons about board game publishing along the way.

Despite rushing the game to print, it was still well received by fans, and helped launch Brother Ming's career as a board game designer.

Since then, he has designed and self published the Persona 5 Phan Game, is working on self publishing a Code Geass fan game, was invited to be a guest designer on Adventure Tactics, was a cultural consultant on Manchukuo, and is now being published for his first original game design, Sento.

In the last months of 2019, Ming met Hina, a talented artist who had been a fan of his Persona 5 Phan Game, and after teaming up to create some custom cards for the Fire Emblem board game project, their partnership soon transformed into something much bigger, leading to the creation of Anna's Roundtable, the first ever board game Zine Project, with Ming as the Designer, and Hina as the Lead Artist.

Now, the project has taken on new life as a complete remake of the original Fire Emblem board game, polished to it's finest in order to leave no doubts nor regrets for it's designer or fans.

Sylvain, Ashe, and Felix, by the Lead Artist Midoriyaizuhugs

Project Goals

This project aims to bring to life the Fire Emblem Tabletop Fan Project with original fan art created by passionate and talented Fire Emblem fan artists. It will feature art from over 100 different artists, across over 200 cards.

View the art gallery here!

Game Overview

⚜️ Game Modes: 1 vs 1, 2 to 4 player co-op
⚜️ Playing Time: 30 - 60 mins
⚜️ Weight: Medium
⚜️ Age: 12+

⚜️ Designer: Brother Ming
⚜️ Lead Artist: Midoriyaizuhugs

Project Timeline

⚜️ Q4 2019 - Artist Applications
⚜️ Q1 2020 - Art Production
⚜️ Q2 2020 - Open Beta begins
⚜️ Q3 2020 - Pre-orders Begin
⚜️ Q4 2020 - Pre-orders Close
⚜️ Q1 2021 - Production Begin
⚜️ Q2 2021 - Fulfillment Begins